Alpine Public School was established in 1995 by Mr Mehma Singh Grewal in an effort to provide a quality education to the children being raised in the locality of his own village – Sakrodi, where at the time there was no such provision.

Mr Mehma Singh Grewal’s over-riding purpose was a philanthropic one and driven by a desire to contribute positively to the community. After a long period residing in the UK he returned to India and was involved in numerous social projects which culminated in the establishment of Alpine Public School.

Since 1995 the school has grown in terms of classroom provision, student and teacher numbers and most importantly in terms of the quality of education.

Sadly, in 2009 Mr Mehma Singh Grewal passed away after a period of ill health. Subsequently there were a number of changes to the Trust Board of the school and his son Preet Singh Grewal has taken up the position of Chairman.